Hollywood Dish: This Day in SNL History

Hollywood Dish: This Day in SNL History

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[ Film projector clicking
[ Cheers and applause ]
-Taylor Swift! -Taylor swift, hi.
-Oh, so cute.
-You look adorable.
-Well, thank you so much for doing this interview.
I'm Brady Trunk.
-And I'm Anastasia Sticks.
-Oh, please, I know who both of you are.
I love "Hollywood dish."
-Oh -Oh, I love that you love it
-And we love you.
Okay, this is gonna be a five-minute interview,
and it's gonna air tonight
-She knows how this works. -Okay.
[ Both laugh ] -Let's get this started.
We ready? Sound good? -Sound good?
-Am I popping my P's?
Taylor Swift, six American Music Award nominations.
Not bad!
-I know. It's been such an amazing year
And it's, you know, it seems like it wasn't that long ago
that I was just sitting at hom watching the AMAs.
And, you know, now to be in a category with this people
like — like Beyoncé and Lady Gaga.
[ No audio ]
Um…I'm sorry.
Are — is everything okay?
-Oh, no. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, you're doing great.
-It's just you're nodding a lot, and I thought maybe
you were trying to tell me something.
-Oh, no, no, no,
we just don't want to talk while you're talking.
-Yeah, it'll screw up the sound.
We just do that so you kno we're engaged.
-Yeah, that we're listening.
-So, anyway, you're performing live at the AMAs.
Do you ever get nervous?
-Yeah. It's, you know, it's a lot of pressure.
Sometimes you don't get that much time to rehearse
And the last thing that you want is to
make a mistake in front of millions and millions of people.
But usually things work out.
-[ Laughs ] Great.
-Now, Taylor, AMAs — big night.
Do you think you're gonna win?
-Well, uh, I-I have a good feeling about it.
I mean, I-I might win.
[ Chuckles nervously ] Anything's possible.
What is she — what is she whispering right now?
-Taylor Swift, you're an amazing talent.
-Well, we mean it.
-And if you do win, you make sure you keep
that Kanye off the stage.
-[ Laughs ] Okay.
-That was good. Bigger laugh -Bigger laugh.
-Ha ha ha ha ha.
-Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
-Little bigger, little bigger. -Bigger.
-Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha
-That was a little too much.
-Yeah, now you seem crazy.
Can you just give us just like one normal laugh?
Okay, you know what? Are we almost done here?
-What do you think about Ellen joining "American Idol"?
-Um…American Idol?
I don't really watch it, honestly.
-So, what do you do for fun?
-Well, just the usual stuff.
I, uh, I go to the movies, hang out with my friends.
Spend time with my family, and just, you know,
try to have a normal life and —
Is he asleep right now?
Okay, you know what?
I think you guys got more enough here,
and I'm completely leaving right now.
-Oh, thank you, Taylor.
-Thank you, Taylor. -She was great.
-She was good. -Wasn't she great.
-So cute. -So cute.
-Tonight on "Hollywood Dish, catch our exclusive intervie
with Taylor swift.
Has the pressure finally gotten to her?
-Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
-That, plus Mario López show us how you can get
his abs on your dog.
-Tonight on "Hollywood Dish.
[ Film projector clicking
[ Cheers and applause ]
-Jennifer Lopez, hi! Look at you.
Love your dress. -You look fantastic.
-Pretty lady.
-We are so excited that you made time to do this interview.
-Everyone here at "Hollywood Dish" loves you
-Me, especially. -Okay, stop drooling
or this whole place is gonna flood.
-Oh, it's okay.
-I'm Brady Trunk.
-And I'm Anastasia Sticks. -I know who you are.
I used to watch "Hollywood Dish" while I was nursing my kids.
-Ew, gross. -La, la, la, la.
-Too much info.
Alright, well, let's get started.
Are we ready? -We good to go?
-Good to go? -Am I shiny?
Everyone? -Flyaways?
-Okay. A two and a three. -Okay.
-Jennifer Lopez, you just released a single
and you've got a movie coming out in April.
-Not bad. -Thank you, thank you.
Yeah, I've been pretty busy.
You know, I took a couple of years off.
But, it's great to be back because, you know,
I miss performing so much.
And, I'm sorry, is something wrong?
-No, no, no, no, no, no, no. You're doing fine.
-We just can't talk over you It'll screw up the sound.
-Yes, no soy overlappa.
-Uh, I speak English.
-I speak Spanish. -Touche.
-He speaks French. -Hey!
-[ Laughs ]
-J-Lo, your movie is calle "The Back-Up Plan"
and I think a lot of people will plan to go back again and again.
-Well, I hope they do.
The best part — the best part is we shot
the movie in New York.
And I'm, you know, a New York girl, from the Bronx,
So, it was a great experienc to be back in my hometown.
But I hope it's a big hit.
Like my mom always used to say "Paciencia y fe."
-Oh, do more Spanish, do more Spanish.
-More Spanish. -Yeah.
-Paciencia y fe?
I mean, it just means "patience and faith."
-Even more. Do some more.
-Do some more. -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-What, like, paciencia y fe?
Paciencia y fe.
-Sexy, sexy. -Make it hot.
-Make it spicy, spicy.
-[Yelling in Spanish]
-We're right here.
-Anyway, I'm really proud of the movie.
It's great. It's about a woman–
-[Laughing] terrific.
So Jennifer, let's get to the meat of the bones.
What's Marc Anthony like in bed?
-That's a little personal.
-Can't you give us any details?
-Um. -Um.
-Eh. -Eh.
-Uh, I–
-[ Screaming ] -[ Screaming ]
-Okay, are we almost done here? 'Cause–
-Just one last question.
What did you think of the last episode of "The Bachelor"?
-Oh, you know, I didn't–
I don't even think I saw that.
I've just been so busy,
I don't have time to watch TV.
-So, how do you keep so fit?
-Well, I dance a lot,
and with two kids, I'm always running around.
And, well, I have a traine and a nutritionist,
which makes it a whole lot easier.
Wait, is he asleep?
-Okay, okay. You know what?
I'm leaving. I'm out of here 'Kay?
Ugh. God, I'm walking in milkshake.
-She was great. -She was great.
-She was so sexy, she's so talented.
-So tiny. -Love her, love her.
-Tonight on "Hollywood Dish,
you'll want to tune in and find out:
Has J. Lo gone loco?
-[Yelling in Spanish]
-Plus, Mario Lopez shows you how you can get
the perfect six-pack on your face.
-Tonight on "Hollywood Dish.

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